Alluna Optics delivers 28 inch (71 cm) mirror optics to IAS observatory 
on Gamsberg/Namibia 

Gamsberg (2347m), on the edge of the Namibian plain, is in astronomical terms one of the three best locations for telescopes in the southern hemisphere. The observation conditions are comparable to La Silla, the site of the European Southern Observatory in Chile or Paranal, home of the Very Large Telescope. 

The Tafelberg was bought back in the 70‘s from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA). The planned observatory was not built in Namibia but was instead built in La Sille, Chile. The association IAS (International Amateur Observatory e.V.) has now leased the premises of the MPIA. The aim is to build an observatory on the summit plateau which allows amateur astronomers to observe the southern sky with larger telescopes under optimal viewing conditions.

The plan is to install a 28" telescope, which can be used visually and photographically. The heavy construction, a gift from the MPIA, weighing a total of 2.5 tons is being rebuilt. The optics, primary mirror and secondary mirror is delivered by the company Alluna Optics. The 71cm f4,4 main mirror has already been completed and will soon be tested together with the mount while still in Germany. The values ??obtained on the test bench for optics should meet all expectations of optical performance. Its commissioning on the Gamsberg plateau is planned for 2008.

** Addendum: Status 2014 In the club’s observatory, which is located at the foot of Gamsberg, many devices are at the disposal of the amateur astronomer. These include a 20" Bath Astro Camera "AK2" with Alluna optics, an Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien Alluna 20", a 20" Cassegrain and a C14 and other telescopes and mountings. At the second location on the Gambsberg summit is the 28" Newton and a 16 inch hypergraph.

For more information about IAS http://www.ias-observatory.org 
For more information about Alluna Optics http://www.alluna-optics.de

Observatories Namibia
Gamsberg / Namibia 
Picture source: Bernd Schroeter, Regensburg 

Gambsberg telescope transport
Transport to Gambsberg
Picture source: Jürgen Richthammer / IAS

Alluna Optics 28 Inch mirror
Telescope on Gambsberg in Namibia 
Control room 71 cm Newton 
left Wolfram Felber / Alluna Optics and right Wolf Peter Hartmann IAS

Teleskop on Gambsberg

The 70 cm Newton telescope
on the 2347 m high Gambsberg in Namibia


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