New 20 inch optics for astronomical camera IAS observatory on Hakos / Namibia

The association "International Amateur Observatory" (IAS) provides amateur astronomers the opportunity to observe on their own, photograph and carry out scientific work on large telescopes under optimal skies. The primary objective of the IAS is to allow amateur astronomers and scientists access to powerful telescopes under the best astronomical conditions. The southern sky is the focus of attention. The members have access to telescopes of different sizes on the grounds of the guest farm Hakos and directly on Gambsberg in Namibia.

For the new astrocamera (AK-3) which replaces an existing astrocamera (AK-2), the International Amateur Observatory IAS decided again for a primary mirror from Alluna Optics. The 510 mm mirror with an aperture of f3,8 can be operated with different reducers/correctors. Focal lengths of 1885 (F3.7) or 1404 (f2.8) are attained. In addition, Barlow lenses or fluoride Flat Field Correctors can be used for extensions of the focal length.

The new optic of the AK-3 is already the fourth major specular reflector from Alluna being used in West Africa. In addition to the AK-3, a 500 mm Dobson and a 600 mm telescope, the 710 mm telescope with Alluna optics will soon go into operation at the top of Gamsberg. 

Information on IAS observatory http://www.ias-observatory.org 

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20 9inch Astro camera

AK3 Astro camera 20 inch telescope

AK3 / IAS observatory


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