20 inch Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien in operation in Namibia 
International Amateur Observatory e.V. 

Alluna Optics RC20  teleskopeA 20 inch Alluna RC has been installed in the dome of the existing Zeiss mount by members of IAS. The RC provides 51 cm aperture at a focal length of 4.100 mm (f/8), which can be reduced to 3.000 mm using a reducer.

"The initial results with the RC20 are excellent. We thus have another tool its comparable in every way with our other 20 inchers, in some respects it is even superior. "says Werner Roßnagel (IAS) information and astroimages on the website of the IAS 

To the report on the website at the IAS No.1 and No. 2

Some images which were made with this telescope
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Observatory Hakos Namibia

Zeiss Mounting

Alluna Optics telescope 20 inch installation

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