Now also available is a RC-Telescope with 22 inch optic

Due to frequent requests for a telescope with a 560 mm (22 inch) optic, we have decided to introduce the RC22, a new standard RC-Telescope at Alluna optics. Now, the existing gap between the RC20 and RC24 is closed.

Often, while there is a desire for a large RC24, there is either insufficient pivot range in the observatory or the existing mount cannot support the weight of an RC24 and its accessories. It may also be the case that a 550 mm telescope simply would be right for the targeted object.

One cannot forget the financial cost that disproportionately increases with each inch in diameter of the mirror. The cost savings for deciding against a RC24 and for a RC22 is great. With the money saved accessories such as a field corrector, reducer and instrument rotator can be purchased. There would even be enough saved for a new large CCD camera. Or, there are additional funds available for new modern mounts such as our GM4000HPS.

New Ritchey-Chretien telescopes

The construction and organizational effort to introduce a new standard telescope size, such as this RC22, was great. First, all mechanical components had to be designed in CAD designed and submitted for manufacturing. Only very few components of the various telescope sizes are the same, and the additional need for special parts kept in stock must not be neglected.
The production of the optical for the RC22, with a mirror diameter of 560 mm mechanically, was not a big problem for us. We are perfectly equipped for the production of telescope mirrors in the range of 350 mm to 850 mm.

An initial order and interesting projects for the RC22 are already planned. We therefore assume that the RC22 will be a huge success just as our other RC-systeme already is.


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