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Our large instrument rotator with 4-inch free internal diameter allows you “rotation positioning” of the connected recording equipment conveniently from your PC. Once an astrophotographer works with the Alluna instrument rotator, he will never want to do without it.
Example: Would you like to display the Pleiades in landscape format, as vertically the Pleiades unfortunately do not fit in total onto the CCD chip? What do you do, run to the telescope, open the clamp, rotate the camera and hope that now the angle is right, close the clamp and back to the PC

4 inch instrument rotator - alluna optics

Instead, simply click an arrow key on your PC an arrow key and let your recording equipment exactly position itself to a 0.01 degree angle without compromising the telescope by touching its orientation. Or do you expose the desired object further at the point where you last had to cancel by simply entering the last used shoot angle and automatically start up using GoTo. And for visual observation, you can also set a more comfortable viewing angle, of course. The instrument rotator was developed specifically for our large RC systems. The connection is made, as well as the focusing system and temperature control directly on the Alluna Telescope Control System (TCS). There is thus no further USB cable required from the telescope to the PC. The rotator fits into the overall system.
  Telescope Instrument Rotator Control

The TCS software includes everything needed for comfortable and precise control of this extremely helpful tool for astrophotographers. The instrument rotator can be positioned manually in both directions using 2 arrow keys, or automatically via GoTo. The resolution is a 0.01 degree angle. You can easily input in the "Target Angle" the desired target angle, e.g. 271.5 ° and then click on GoTo. The instrument rotator now positions your connected equipment at a maximum speed of approximately 5 °/sec. During positioning (manually or automatically), a virtual CCD chip in the rotator monitor rotates simultaneously. A quick glance at it and one immediately knows how the camera is positioned! Since the software has stored the current rotator angle, a reference run is basically only required for initial commissioning of the rotator. Any further reference run, however, can serve to maintain the maximum positioning accuracy over many hours of operation.

With a vignetting-free inner diameter of 100 mm and a superior stability, the rotator is also suitable for large and heavy CCD cameras and instruments


Ascom - Alluna Optics TCSOf course you can also use the instruments rotator via the integrated ASCOM interface and run Astroprograms such as MaximDL or CCDAutoPilot with the controls. 

Large, vignetting-free and accurate positioning, even for heavy CCD cameras our instruments rotator for astrophotography.

4 inch Instrument Rotator

Alluna Instruments Rotator



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