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The best proof of quality and reliability is satisfied customers. And that is why we are quite proud that more and more astrophotographers, research centres, institutes, universities and public observatories worldwide use optics and telescopes from Alluna Optics.

Here is a small selection of recent telescope projects. 

Two RC20 telescopes.

These two RC20 telescopes on GM4000HPS mounts belong to Yunnan University / China and are used for research purposes and student training.

Private observatory with an RC16 telescope.

An Alluna RC16 was installed in this private observatory near Zürich/Switzerland. The telescope is mainly used for astrophotography.

New RC16 telescope for private observatory in the Czech Republic

An Alluna RC16 telescope on a 10micron GM3000 mount went into operation. The observatory is located around 50 km north of Prague and is privately operated.

Alluna Optics Telescope RC16 Alöluna Optics Germany

New observatory with an Alluna RC18 telescope and a GM3000 mount
in Pingtung / Taiwan.

Alluna RC18 on GM3000 HPS mount.
This observatory is the largest in Pingtung County in southern Taiwan. It will be the astronomy center around Pingtung Province. In addition to school education, the public will also have free access every Wednesday and Friday.

Fantastic new Observatory of the University Don Bosco in Soyapano / El Salvador.

An example of a successful project in El Salvador and throughout Central America, the new Observatory of the University Don Bosco in Soyapano. The ambitious project was sponsored by the Karl-Heinz Wolfgang Foundation from Neuss / Germany.
The dome, on the newly built building, has a diameter of 5.5 meters and sits on a 15 meter high tower. The telescope, a state-of-the-art RC20 Ritchey-Crétien optical system from Alluna Optics on a 10 micron GM4000HPS. Mount also supplied by Alluna Optics. The CCD camera is a SBIG STX-16803 with a chip size of 36.8 x 36.8mm.
The object support in advance and the installation of dome, telescope and computer system took over the company Dome Parts GmbH from Wehringen / Germany.
Link by El Salvador.com

Private Observatory near Antigua on Fuerteventura. Alluna RC20 with 10micron GM4000HPS mount.

Installation and commissioning of the new Alluna Optics 500mm Ritchey Chrétien telescope on a 10 micron GM4000HPS mount near Antigua / Fuerteventura. The entire system is routinely operated from Germany. The installation was carried out in a 4 meter dome of DOME PARTS GmbH.
DOME PARTS GmbH is a German astrology engineering company specializing in the design, development and construction of high quality astronomical observatories, preferably Alluna telescopes.

New Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope for Private Observatory in Queensland Australia

Our customer, in Queensland near Kalbar, about an hour's drive southwest of Brisbane, has installed his new Alluna RC16 telescope in his 3.5-meter Sirius. Together with our general representative for Australia, Peter Ward (ATS - Advanced Telescope Supplies), the telescope was put into operation without any problems.

RC16 Alluna Optics Telescope / Queensland Cassegrain telescope

Test of mount and optics of the new 32" telescope for the IAS (
International Amateur Observatory)

Prior to delivery to Namibia, the new 32 inches telescope of the IAS was extensively tested in Germany.
All tests were successful. Thus, the telescope can be delivered to Namibia and installed on the observatory grounds of the IAS.
The altazimuth telescope, with direct drive and encoder, was designed and built by Gerhard Balda TB Balda e.U from Graz / Austria, the 810 mm f 3.8 optics was manufactured by Alluna Optics.

32 inches altazimut telescope

V.l. Carsten Jacobs (IAS), Wolf-Peter Hartmann (IAS), Wolfram Felber (Alluna Optics),
Gerhard Balda (TB Balda e.U.), Egbert Wagner (IAS),

32 inches telescope 800 mm telescope mirror Alluna Optics

New installation RC20 in Pakistan

An Alluna Optics RC telescope with a primary mirror diameter of 515 mm was newly installed.
The mount is from Astro-Physics from the USA. The 20-inch telescope is used by Pakistan for the education and training of astronomy students.

RC20 Telescope and mirrors RC20 Pakistan Observatory Alluna Optics Alluna Optics 510 mm RC

Special mirrors, with gold coating, for a university project in the USA

Alluna Optics is one of the few telescope manufacturers to manufacture the optics themselves. Therefore we can guarantee high quality and are open to customer projects.

Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien 18 inch telescope at the Weikersheim observatory / Germany

The observatory operated by the Astronomische Vereinigung Weikersheim e. V., is located about two kilometers outside of Weikersheim on the "Karlsberg". Every first Saturday of the month, the Weikersheim Observatory can be visited without prior notice and in clear weather.
Individual group tours at the observatory are also possible, as well as regular lectures on astronomical topics and a planetary path.

Homepage Observatory Weikersheim

New Alluna optics RC18 Observatory Walkersheim Germany Alluna Optics Alluna Optics

New Alluna RC18 Ritchey-Chrétien-Telescope / Taiwan

New Alluna RC18 Telescope on Cian Jhen Senior High School in Kaohsiung City / Taiwan.

Ritchey Chretien Taiwan Alluna optics RC18 telescope Taiwan RC18 Telescope on Cian Jhen Senior High School in Kaohsiung City

RC18 Chiefland Astronomy Village / Florida / USA

This18 inch telescope went to Barry Riu, an outstanding astrophotographer with many years of experience. The new RC18 replaced the previous 14 inch RC telescope from RCOS. The telescope is located on the Chiefland Astronomy Village in Florida. Below, one of the first pictures with the telescope.

RC18 Telescope Astronomy Village Florida Chiefland USA

Ritchey-Chrétien telescope at one of the highest telescope locations worldwide

A challenging task, the installation of this Alluna-Optics RC20 telescope on one of the highest areas on earth. The observatory is located at an altitude of 5100 meters. The district in western Tibet is sparsely populated and it often makes nice and dry weather. However, the temperatures can drop to below minus 30 °C.

ALI Observatory Tibet ALI Observatory Tibet Alluna Telescope in Tibet

Alluna RC 16 telescope / Japan

The delivery of this RC16 telescopes with Zerodur optics performed early 2016. The telescope is used on a Mathis Instruments MI-500 fork mount. The width of the mounting plates have been adjusted accordingly existing Mathis Mount. Additional mounting plates allow the use of guide tube and weights. The installation was carried out by our representative in Japan.

Alluna Optics 16 inches telescope on Fork mount Mathis Instruments MI-500 fork mount Alluna Optics RC16 on Mathis Instruments MI-500 fork mount

RC 20 telescope for new observatory of Sacred Heart College Perth / Australia

Alluna Optics delivers RC20 Telescope for a new observatory on the grounds of Sacred Heart College in Perth Australia. The new observatory in the school is currently under construction, with completion beginning of 2016. The telescope will be installed in a 5 metre diameter Sirius Observatory dom.

5 metre Sirius Observatory dom

etelescope ducation and continuing education Alluna Optics telescope Australia Perth

Australia 2015:

In year 2015 a total of three RC20 and one RC16 telescope have been delivered to Australia. Two of them in the vicinity of Sydney / New South Wales and two near to Perth / Western Australia. Currently is another Ritchey-Chrétien telescope for Australia with us in manufacturing. This telescope goes to a private customer near Perth. Delivered is in the second quarter 2016.
Because of the low population density and the favorable climate are large parts of Australia's best suited as a location astronomical telescopes.

RC18 telescope for the Andres Bello University in Santiago de Chile

The Ritchey-Chrétien Alluna 18 inch telescope on the campus of Andres Bello University will be available for the education of students and to support a number of scientific and technological developments in the field of astronomical research projects. 

RC20 telescope for Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission

The Alluna RC20 telescope is used in the National Observatory near Karachi. Established for photometric and spectroscopic observations of stars and galaxies. The observatory also serves as an observation and training centre for students as well as the national education and awareness program to promote the astronomy and space travel.

20 inch RC telescope / Oxford

18 inches Newtonian Astrograph on 10micron GM3000HPS Mount / Germany

This Newtonian Astrograph with a primary mirror diameter of 460 mm and an aperture ratio of f / 3.6 is located in Neumarkt / Bavaria. The telescope is installed on a GM3000 HPS (High Precision and Speed) mount. The observatory is privately owned, far from disturbing sources Licher, on a hill. Optimal conditions for astrophotography.

Observatory Newtonian 18 inches Newtonian

Observatory Telescope Newtonian Astrograph

RC20 telescope for Global Jet-Watch of Oxford University/Great Britain

Global Jet-Watch is an exciting new project from Oxford University with schools around the world. The goal of Global Jet-Watch is the worldwide first continuous round-the-clock monitoring of black holes in our galaxy. The new Alluna RC20 telescope is located in Western Australia near Perth. It joins a number of existing 20 inch RC telescopes with locations in India, South Africa, Chile and eastern Australia.

20 inch RC telescope / Oxford

New 20" RC telescope for Association of the Observatory Roßberg e.V / Germany

In the new observatory building of the Sternfreunde Cham/Bavaria an Alluna RC20 was installed on a GM 4000 mount in November 2014. The technical equipment and installation of the mounting and telescope were provided by Astroshop in Landsberg am Lech.

first light M51 / Alois Preis.

Alluna Optics RC20 / Cham Alluna Optics RC20 / Cham Alluna Optics germany

RC20 telescope for Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Centre/Japan 

Alluna Optics provides an RC20 telescope for the Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Centre in Japan. To accommodate a larger instrument load of up to 50kg the back of the telescope has been adjusted accordingly. In addition, the telescope received a Zerodur optics with extended back focus at the client’s request. 
Hinotori is one of the projects of Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Centre, Hiroshima University. A new robotic three colour simultaneously imaging camera is used here. The main purpose of this imaging is to show activity of transient objects. Together with other institutions, such as the 1.5-meter Kanata telescope a global network was created for the continuous monitoring of transient objects. Commissioning for testing 2014 on the1.5 meter Kanata telescope. In 2015, then the installation will be placed at its final location in Tibet.

An additional RC18 Telescopic in fork design for customers in Beijing/China

After two Alluna RC18 telescopes have already been successfully commissioned in 2012 near Beijing for operation, now a repeat order for another identical 18-inch Ritchey-Chrétien telescope has been placed. In the greater Beijing area now there are a total of four Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes for scientific operations.

RC20 telescope for University of Birmingham/UK

Alluna Optics provides an RC20 telescope for the School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Birmingham. The main application is the education of students, astrophotography and the use of a large spectrograph.

RC16 for Chinese Academy Of Sciences/China

2013, Alluna Optics liefert RC16 Teleskop an die Chinese Academy Of Sciences / Peking.
Das Teleskop diehnt zur Ausbildung von Stundenten und wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten.
zur Webseite der Chinese Academy of Scince

RC16 on Paramount ME Astronomical Association Ursa/Finland

Ursa Astronomical Association is the oldest and largest club for amateur astronomy in Finland. Ursa currently has 17.475 members. The Ursa goal is to promote astronomical education in Finland and interest in astronomy. The Ursa Astronomical Association wants to provide the best conditions for amateur astronomy; the Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien telescope on a Paramount ME is used mainly for photography.

Two identical RC18 telescopes for an observatory near Hong Kong/China

Alluna Optics provides two identical RC 18 telescopes for observatories near Hong Kong. Unfortunately, we have no evidence of the use of the telescopes.

Fork mountes telescope .Alluna Optics Telescopes

20 inch Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien commissioned in Namibia 
International Amateur Observatory e.V. 

The 20-inch Alluna RC telescope was installed in the dome on the existing Zeiss mount by members of IAS. "The initial results using the RC20 are excellent. We thus have another tool which lacks nothing compared to our other 20 inchers and is even superior in some ways," says Werner Roßnagel (IAS). More information and astroimages on the website of the IAS

Alluna Optics - Observatory Namibia.RC Telescope / Alluna Optics

Update 11/2015
In September 2015, the RC20 of the Zeiss-mount is moved to a modern Mount of GM4000HPS. The column was replaced with a more stable version. Without Guiding exposure times of 10 minutes have already, with the GM4000 mount at 3,000 mm focal length possible.

Ritchey-Chretien telescopes Ritchey-Chretien telescopes

more on Webside

Alluna RC20 for Ataturk University Erzurum/Turkey

"ATA50" is the new telescope of the University of Erzurum and serves scientific research and training in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. The observatory is located at a high altitude and due to the small number of cloudy days, the 20-inch Ritchey-Chrétien telescope can be used efficiently all year round. The inauguration took place in September 2012.

Ritchey-Chretien telescopes Ritchey-Chretien telescopes

Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes again witnesses in 2012 an increase in the amateur area

Also in 2012 more Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes of sizes 16, 18 and 20 inches were delivered to private amateur astronomers. For the most part, the telescopes are used for astrophotography graphical applications with large CCD cameras and our 4" field corrector and/or .74x reducer. The customers came from different countries such as Austria, France, Belgium, Spain and Germany as well as from Asia.
The new telescopes in the amateur and semi-amateur scene are attracting ever greater interest and we take particular pride in this. 

Alluna RC16 for Kinmen Educational Remote Observatory, Taiwan
In 2012 on the island of Kinmen belonging to Taiwan in the South China Sea an Alluna RC16 telescope was installed on a Paramount ME. The telescope is used in addition to making astrophotographic recordings, to train students in the field of astronomy. 

Alluna Optics RC16 Ritchey-Chrétien telescope for a new construction in Astana/Kazakhstan

In co-operation as a complete solution for the new Zeiss Planetarium with 170 seats and a dome with a diameter of 16 meters an Alluna RC16 telescope was installed on the roof of the building for the public and for live video transmission.

Alluna N16 Astrograph for remote detection method/German Aerospace Centre and DLR space travel

Alluna Optics delivers, in addition to several 16 inch parabolic mirrors, a 16 inch F3.0 astrograph with some technical and visual changes for laser-based stand-off detection.

Ritchey-Chretien telescopes

26 inch (660 mm)  Cassegrain Zerodur optics for vacuum telescope

Alluna Optics manufactures a 660 mm Cassegrain Zerodur system for a vacuum telescope. The telescope which is still under construction is a special design and will be installed near Starnberg in Bavaria.

New 20" optics for astronomical camera at the IAS observatory on Hakos/Namibia

The association "International Amateur Observatory" (IAS) provides amateur astronomers with the opportunity to observe through large telescopes under optimal skies by themselves and to carry out scientific work. The primary objective of the IAS is to give amateur astronomers and scientists access to powerful telescopes under the best astronomical conditions. The southern sky, which is not visible from Central Europe, is the focal point of interest. The members have access to telescopes on the grounds of the guest farm Hakos and directly on the Gambsberg in Namibia.

Ritchey-Chretien telescopes

28" telescope at the observatory Gaisberg/Austria

After a 15-month planning, construction and commissioning phase, it is now finally ready. The new 700 mm Newtonian telescope. After the 600mm telescope met with some observations on its technical and aesthetic limitations, the decision was made about 1.5 years ago, to design and build a new, larger instrument.
Here the currently possible maximum optical aperture and technical feasibility should be the measure for the design of the new telescope. The mechanical assembly and adjustment is now complete and the device is ready for further research work. With this instrument it is possible to now to observe objects that are 36% fainter than was possible with the 600mm telescope. ... 

Ritchey-Chretien telescopes

30-inch Dobsonian telescope for the Swiss Alps

For decades, we observed through four or five in the Basle mountains of Jura or in the Swiss Alps, where there are really dark areas.
Naturally, the apertures of our portable telescopes have become increasingly larger over time ... 25 years ago we started with the construction of 6- and 8-inch models; following that we contented ourselves with 10- to 12-inch models (all self constructions: Newton; Zerodur; Optics on portable, tracked frame assemblies). Ten years ago, we bought an 18" Dobsonian, and now we have bought a 30-inch model. As trivial as it sounds: one sees with a larger aperture ... 

Ritchey-Chretien telescopes

A 410mm Newtonian reflector for the Amateur sun observatory in Langendorf

As a long-standing active photographic amateur astronomer, we know that ultimately the aperture and the quality of the optics as well as the atmospheric seeing determine the quality of high-resolution images. After three decades of experience with refractors the feasibility limits were attained in relation to the lens aperture (d = 225mm), More resolution could only be realized with acceptable cost only using mirror optics.

Ritchey-Chretien telescopes

Alluna Optics provides a 28 inch (710 mm) mirror for the IAS Observatory 
on the Gamsberg/Namibia

The Gamsberg (2347m) on the edge of the Namibian plain is in astronomical terms one of the three best locations for telescopes in the southern hemisphere. The observation conditions are comparable to La Silla, the site of the European Southern Observatory in Chile or Paranal, home of the Very Large Telescope .....

Ritchey-Chretien telescopes

Alluna Optics delivers 24 inch (610 mm) optics for the Austrian observatory

Which amateur astronomer does not dream of having his own observatory away from the lights of big cities. For Richard Gierlinger from Schärding in Upper Austria, this dream has come true. The preconditions were good .... 

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