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Alluna Optics is committed to providing you with the highest quality and optimal fulfilment of orders.
When ordering, the following terms and conditions apply:

Surface warranty for optics
For our parabolic mirror to 610 mm diameter, we guarantee a surface accuracy of 1/25 wave RMS at 632 nm over 98% of the diametrer.
For our parabolic mirror over 610 mm diameter, we guarantee a surface accuracy of 1/20 wave RMS at 632 nm over 98% of the diameter.

For our RC optics/two-mirror systems we guarantee 1/20 wave RMS at 632 nm over 98% of the diameter.
This gives the guaranteed minimum accuracy, in the normal case a higher quality is achieved.

All optics and systems are measured and certified to the best of our knowledge interferometrically. However, should an optical problem occur, we shall reprocess or will replace the optics, provided the glass and the coating is not damaged. Further liability is excluded regardless of the legal nature of the asserted claim. Normally, our mirrors are free of scratches. If, however, there are still sporadic, visible scratches or sleeks on the coated surface, this does not represent a deterioration of the optical performance and do not constitute grounds for complaint. Wells/pits in the µ area which can occur when being polished or coated do not constitute an impairment of the optical performance and are not grounds for complaint.

We offer a warranty for our optics, mechanical and electrical parts for a period of 24 months (secondhand 12 months). The warranty does not cover damage caused by external influences such as acids, alkalis or by hammering and pressure, for example. Damage caused by improper cleaning of coated surfaces is excluded from the warranty. 
Damage caused by extreme heat, severe humidity or rain is also excluded. 
Any further liability such as costs for dismantling or downtime is excluded regardless of the legal nature of the asserted claim

The following safety precautions must be observed during operation of our telescopes

- Ensure a stable connection of the telescope to the mount 
- The telescopes are not intended for use during the day 
- The direct and indirect viewing of the sun can damage the eye 
- The telescopes are to be protected from heat and direct sunlight 
- The telescopes are to be protected from moisture and rain
- The coated mirror surface must not be touched with the hand
- The coated mirror surface should be cleaned only professionally
- We do not assume any warranty for damage caused by heat and/or moisture

Coating Service 
Alluna Optics as a service offers the coating of mirror produced by other manufacturers. Mirrors sent to us for recoating or reprocessing a guarantee cannot be given in case of damage to the glass, which is caused by us or during transportation. We are only liable for the coating and our work, but in no case for damage to the substrate (breakage, scratches, damages of any kind) and damage during transportation. Any further liability, e.g. for subsequent damage is also excluded. By placing an order or sending, this condition is recognized. The delivery of goods undergoing servicing takes place only after payment of the costs incurred.

Contract work 
Paid labour is carried out according to the current technical standards of Alluna Optics. If it becomes clear during processing that service cannot be carried out completely in line with existing Alluna Optics standards, this does not entitle the buyer to require the completion of performance by a third party or to apply for this. 
All provided components/substrates made available by Alluna Optics for processing are to be insured by the buyer against breakage and damage. Liability or damages for provided products is excluded by Alluna Optics at any time. Any further liability, e.g. for consequential damages due to the delay or non-delivery of components/substrates is likewise excluded.

Technical specification
Production-related deviations from technical specifications contained in this website, brochures or drawings are possible at any time.

Down Payment
Alluna Optics manufactures optics and telescopes to order. For order processing a down payment at least 20% of up to 50% is required before starting work and full payment is required before shipment. Orders are carried out directly to the requirements of the customer. Upon cancellation of the order all previously incurred costs of materials and labour must be paid. 

Prices stated on the website www.alluna-optics.de are in Euro and, unless stated otherwise, include the current German VAT. A deduction of discount on the invoice amount is not allowed. Prices on the English site www.alluna-optics.com are excluding VAT and apply outside of Germany. Please note that in the EU come for individuals 19% VAT added.
Shipping costs will be charged additionally depending on weight, size, destination location and destination country.

International delivery 
Alluna Optics delivers worldwide and adheres to the best of its knowledge and belief to the shipping and import regulations of the country concerned. Any additional charges for deliveries outside the European Union such as taxes or customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer. All additional fees such as fees for transfers shall be borne by the buyer.

Deliveries are made according to the weight and size by courier service or our company forwarding facility. Every delivery is insured according to the actual goods value. In optics, the packaging is already included in the price. In telescopes the price of the shipping box is charged additionally.

Delivery times 
Orders are processed upon receipt of the order. The stated delivery time for work is a guideline. We strive to adhere to this; this cannot be guaranteed, however. 

This contract and the legal relations of the parties are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the UN Sales Convention (CISG). 
If any provision of this Agreement be or become invalid or contain a loophole, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Jurisdiction is Augsburg.

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