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Ritchey-Chrétien Telescopes

Technical Data RC telescopes
Price List 4/2020 RC-telescopes & accessories
Adjustment instructions Alluna RC telescopes

Telescope-Control-System TCS

TCS-2 user manual (for RC telescopes from August 2015)
TCS-1 user manual (for RC telescopes up to July 2015)

4" RC Correctors

AFFC-2 Flat-Field-Corrector (Version 2 from January 2019)
AFFC-1 Flat-Field-Corrector (Version 1 up to December 2018)
AFFR-2 Flat-Field-Reducer (Version 2 - camera side M80x1 connection)
AFFR-1 Flat-Field-Reducer (Version 1 - camera side M100x1 connection)


4" Instrument Rotator

Instrument Rotator instructions manual



Datasheet 10Micron Mounts
Dimensions GM3000
Dimensions GM4000GM4000 Leveling Flange-1GM3000_Leveling_Flange
Dimensions Leveling Flange GM4000
Dimensions Leveling Flange GM3000
USB weather station Blue Astro


Price list 3/2020 optics

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