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A perfect combination of our Alluna RC24AZ together with the AZ5000 DDS mount from 10micron.

The AZ5000 DDS mount is an azimutal robotic fork mount of the latest generation, with optional derotator / eyepiece extension, directly driven motor system with high-resolution absolute encoder and a go-to speed of up to 40 degrees / second.Ideally suited as an observatory telescope or as an optical ground station for laser communication.


With Cassegrain focus and optional IMP (Instrument Multi Port)
An IMP with three ports is available for the Cassegrain focus. In addition to the main camera, two additional instruments, spectrometers or video cameras, can be connected. more Infos




Top features mount: 
- Direct drive high torque motors specially designed for astronomy applicatio

- On-axis high resolution absolute encoder
- High quality large diameter ball bearing
- Very stiff and compact fork to minimize vibration
- Integrated electronics and onboard computer with internal sky model capabilit
- Integrated interface with derotator contro
- Minimum base height for use with small domes and improve stabilit
- Goto speed speed up to 40/sec. suitable for satellite trackin,
optical ground station.
- Very accurate tracking for long exposure unguided imaging

Technical specs mount:
- Mount Typ : Alt-azimuth direct drive mount with on-axis high resolution absolute encoder
- Weight mount: 300 kg
- Telescope payload capacity: up to 250 kg
- Power supply: 48V, 5A peak
- Goto speed  40/sec
- Pointinmg accuracy: <10 rms with internal 25 stas software mapping. max. 100 stars
- Safety features: Mechanical stops in both axis, Anti-wrap logic, On board and remotable Emergency stop button with safety relay Aural warning system Unbalance/collision protection system
- Security stops:  Mechanical stops Az: +/- 300 (~2 turns) Alt: 100 (-5 / +95)
- Dimensions: 1350x550x1350 mm
- Temperature compensation: Internal temperature probe
- Communication port: RS–232 port; GPS port; autoguide ST-4 protocol port; Ethernet port
- PC conrol: emote control via RS 232, Ethernet network.
Update of firmware and orbital elements for satellite tracking and minor planet objects.
Virtual keypad control panel replicating the functionality of the physical keypad.
Mount manager software including advanced user interface.
Usage of any client software supporting the ASCOM standard through proprietary ASCOM driver, or through the LX200 compatible protocol.
- Keypad control: Rugged keypad with metal housing, backlit micro switches, dimmable graphic display.
All the functionality of the mount is available through the keypad without requiring an external PC.

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