Extended warranty.
As a manufacturer, we can talk a lot abaut the quality of our products
or we can guarantee it...

Alluna Optics telescopes stand for quality, reliability and durability.
That’s why we give all our standard telescopes an extended 5 year warranty from the date of delivery, at no extra cost.

For our customers this means 100% security and fast help in the case of a warranty claim.

The extended 5 year warranty applies to all mechanical and electrical components on the telescope. Included is also optional accessories as far as this was ordered together with the telescope.

The extended warranty applies to all new telescopes ordered from 01 January 2018. Components that are subject to natural wear (optical coatings of mirrors and lenses) are excluded from the extended warranty.

In the case of warranty, our terms and conditions apply

5 year warranty not enough for you?
Speak with us. The warranty period can
be extended optionally for additional years.


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